Christmas and gotta make everything nice

It is almost Christmas time. This time of year requires that I go out and do my Christmas duties. One of those duties is making sure that my house looks festive. It is funny how Christmas and the pagan ritual of the festival of lights sort of got meshed together.

Unbeknownst to most Christians they’re actually celebrating a pagan holiday. Every time they string up the lights around the Christmas tree and adorn their houses they’re fully involved. It makes you kind of laugh a little. Is in our world a little silly? I mean really. None of us get to stay here forever, yet we are so concerned with what’s going on right now. There are all of these sets of social rules and of the world is the way it is. But the truth is the world ‘s in any way. It is simply the way that man has decided to make it. Most of the time nothing really changes except the minds of men.

I think it was Napoleon hill that first wrote those words. He was talking about the fact that at the time of his writing was on the heels of the Great Depression and the world was at war. He marveled at the concept and said it was amazing because the only thing that had changed were men’s opinions.

Nevertheless I need to get my lights up. I’ve decided that this year I want to find a company that will actually pressure wash my house before I put up the lights that way when the cars are all driving through the neighborhood, They marvel at the wonderment of my house. I found a pretty good company online locally. Their website is WWW.APPEARANCEPRESSUREWASHING.COM

They said the could come out and make my place shine. I want to get it done before Thanksgiving because the day after Thanksgiving (black Friday) is gonna be the day that I go after the whole enchilada with lights an inflatable Santa and as many reindeer as my front yard and home owner’s association can handle.

Crazy how our lives become ruled by the holidays. But it’s ok. It is all in the name of fun and the kids enjoy it too.

I figure I probably should enjoy this time of life because before I know it it’ll be over. I’ll be an old man I won’t even be able to climb up on a ladder to put I mistletoe above my doorway let alone hang lights on the edges of a two-story house. Scenes of ole Griswold come to mine. I love that movie. Have you ever seen it? Just for kicks and giggles I’ll go ahead and put a link here to a YouTube clip of Clark trying to hang his lights.



Why Car Buying Sucks: How to Cope

Car Buying 101…might as well be 103

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I hate buying cars. The reason I hate buying cars is because it always ends up to be so much drama. I mean everybody wants to get a good deal on their car, but to get a good deal you have to go negotiate.

What you get into the negotiating mixed with these individuals who are highly trained and do this all day long, it gets to be a real pain in the butt. Years ago I worked at a car dealership. They trained me to take the person’s keys that was looking at a brand-new car. The reason for this is well we told them that we had to inspect their trade-in.

But the real reason was so that we had control of when they left.

If the person got mad and wanted to relieve, we would throw up smoke signals that said something like oh we got to find your keys. So-and-so has the keys. He was the one that does the trade-in values. He’s over off at another store because he had to deliver something. He must have the keys with them.

He went to lunch. He’s an astronaut and he flew to the moon. LOL

We offered up really any excuse just to make sure that the person didn’t leave. I only lasted about two weeks working for the car dealership. It was too much for me to handle. I hated that. Just too much BS.

Which brings me to today. I went down to a local dealership and looked around. I didn’t really want to go to Carmax even though they guarantee their prices. That’s only because I figured I could probably get a better deal if I went in alone. The truth is is that there are some hard negotiators and soft negotiators. Unfortunately every time I turn around I find myself being a soft negotiator.

I am not sure if it’s easy to transition or even possible from a soft negotiator too hard negotiator. But, I can see pros and cons of being both.

The pro of being a hard negotiator is that you probably will win a lot. The downside I think is probably the fact that you drive such a hard bargain that people avoid you and don’t want to be around you because you become caustic if you don’t get your own way.  You can get some good tips here.

Not that being avoided by people because they don’t like you is a real problem. The truth is at the end of the day if you have five friends that you can count on in your life by the time you die, I believe you have done pretty good.

The pros to being a soft negotiator or bargainer is that you’re not going to get as many wins in life. But, you would be able to serve the role of a mediator, high-level executive etc.

With that in mind I have to try to compensate a little bit. When I go into a negotiation such as at a car dealership, I have to make a mental note to myself to make sure that I don’t leave too much of a table. It’s funny that one of the ways that I’ve learned to cope with this is simply to write myself a note that reminds myself not to give up on certain things.

That way when I am in the situation and life seems to occur to me in a way that wants me to cave, I am motivated to hold to the line.

I am not sure if you can pick up any bits of wisdom from what I’ve written here, but I hope it helps you.
at the very least I hope that it gave you something to think about.

Coping with problems in life: my personal hack for depression

Coping with depression. I never thought that I would experience depression quite like the way I did. After several deaths a bankruptcy and a divorce I found myself at the bottom of the barrel. Literally I remember laying on my bed with a bottle of my favorite alcohol at the time. I will mention the name just because well that’s personal. But the point is that I had hit rock bottom. It sucked. My life sucks. Hearing anyone talk about positive stuff actually sucked as well.

By the way, you can learn more about me here.

I despised anyone that I heard talking about positive thinking. I didn’t despise them on a conscious level it was really much more of a subconscious level. When I’d hear about their successes or how all I needed to do was take action or something like that, it just rubbed me the wrong way. They didn’t understand. I was confronted with life in ways that completely sucked all of the wind out of me. I mean I was empty. I had this heavy stone tied around my heart. Every day felt like a rainy day. The worst part about it is that it seem like it was something that wasn’t under my control. I know that there are a lot of people that say change your physiology and change your mindset. But in my case I felt like I was powerless to do so.

Was I powerless? According to the research…no, but according to me… Hell yeah. My life sucked. Anybody in my shoes would’ve been depressed. So what I discovered is that sometimes we need a warming up. In order to handle our depression.

Picture this. You get thrown into a jail cell. All of a sudden your life has change for medically. What are you thinking? You are completely overwhelmed with the situation. It’s not that you can just change it on a whim. First you got to get used to your surroundings. Then, after a little bit of time is past maybe you can get the courage up to break free from the mental chains that you’re in just as much as you’re physically imprisoned.

I personally have never gone to jail but what I mean by all of this is that when you are locked into a depressive moment, I think first you have to acclimate to it before you can really recover from it. I tried the drugs that are supposed to help with depression but I found that they created other problems that made me depressed as well.

So I say all that to say if you find yourself in a depressive moment, the best thing you can do is hold on for the ride until you can get your wits about you. It’s like being stuck on a ship at sea in a storm. Sometimes the best thing you can do is simply hang on until you can figure it out.

Hence the expression hang in there.

First Post

Hello, you might be asking yourself the obvious question. You probably are wondering what’s up with the name right? Well, I have always dreamed of going to Bali. And I figured I wanted to take some positive action towards my goal.

So, I went ahead and got this domain name in hopes that somehow it aligns me with the universe so that I can end up staying in a hotel in Bali one day. I’ve always pictured those little hats that have the glass floor that you can see into the water. Hopefully I will get there.

Stay tuned I’ll be posting more information soon.