Why Car Buying Sucks: How to Cope

Car Buying 101…might as well be 103

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I hate buying cars. The reason I hate buying cars is because it always ends up to be so much drama. I mean everybody wants to get a good deal on their car, but to get a good deal you have to go negotiate.

What you get into the negotiating mixed with these individuals who are highly trained and do this all day long, it gets to be a real pain in the butt. Years ago I worked at a car dealership. They trained me to take the person’s keys that was looking at a brand-new car. The reason for this is well we told them that we had to inspect their trade-in.

But the real reason was so that we had control of when they left.

If the person got mad and wanted to relieve, we would throw up smoke signals that said something like oh we got to find your keys. So-and-so has the keys. He was the one that does the trade-in values. He’s over off at another store because he had to deliver something. He must have the keys with them.

He went to lunch. He’s an astronaut and he flew to the moon. LOL

We offered up really any excuse just to make sure that the person didn’t leave. I only lasted about two weeks working for the car dealership. It was too much for me to handle. I hated that. Just too much BS.

Which brings me to today. I went down to a local dealership and looked around. I didn’t really want to go to Carmax even though they guarantee their prices. That’s only because I figured I could probably get a better deal if I went in alone. The truth is is that there are some hard negotiators and soft negotiators. Unfortunately every time I turn around I find myself being a soft negotiator.

I am not sure if it’s easy to transition or even possible from a soft negotiator too hard negotiator. But, I can see pros and cons of being both.

The pro of being a hard negotiator is that you probably will win a lot. The downside I think is probably the fact that you drive such a hard bargain that people avoid you and don’t want to be around you because you become caustic if you don’t get your own way.  You can get some good tips here.

Not that being avoided by people because they don’t like you is a real problem. The truth is at the end of the day if you have five friends that you can count on in your life by the time you die, I believe you have done pretty good.

The pros to being a soft negotiator or bargainer is that you’re not going to get as many wins in life. But, you would be able to serve the role of a mediator, high-level executive etc.

With that in mind I have to try to compensate a little bit. When I go into a negotiation such as at a car dealership, I have to make a mental note to myself to make sure that I don’t leave too much of a table. It’s funny that one of the ways that I’ve learned to cope with this is simply to write myself a note that reminds myself not to give up on certain things.

That way when I am in the situation and life seems to occur to me in a way that wants me to cave, I am motivated to hold to the line.

I am not sure if you can pick up any bits of wisdom from what I’ve written here, but I hope it helps you.
at the very least I hope that it gave you something to think about.

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