My name is Johnny Jibbs and years ago I started blogging. The problem was I wasn’t very good at it. There are couple things that are super important when it comes to all of the stuff. First you really have to be able to communicate your ideas efficiently and easily. Second you have to be able to structure the blog so that people can read it easily and efficiently. The biggest problem when it comes to this is simply making it easy on the eyes.

What I’ve learned about this is simply that you have to make sure that you repeat certain concepts and ideas to make the flow work much more efficiently than if you just write down random things.

For example: I recently saw a blog post that had a repetitive finger with a string tied around it.

You knew that they were introducing a new concept every time you saw the finger with the string tied around it. This made it easy on the eyes and easy on the brain to comprehend what was going on on the page. If you don’t create enough white space for somebody to be able to fix ate their eyes on, then they will get lost in the jungle of text letters and punctuation that you put on the page.

Anyways I grew up in a small town and didn’t have a lot of friends. I have always been kind of a bookworm. It made it pretty easy for me when it came to blogging because I had all of this information in my head that I am never bothered communicating with anyone. So, this is just one of the ways that I can tell my story and share with others the things that I think about. I hope that you find my blog interesting and I hope to see you again soon.