Christmas and gotta make everything nice

It is almost Christmas time. This time of year requires that I go out and do my Christmas duties. One of those duties is making sure that my house looks festive. It is funny how Christmas and the pagan ritual of the festival of lights sort of got meshed together.

Unbeknownst to most Christians they’re actually celebrating a pagan holiday. Every time they string up the lights around the Christmas tree and adorn their houses they’re fully involved. It makes you kind of laugh a little. Is in our world a little silly? I mean really. None of us get to stay here forever, yet we are so concerned with what’s going on right now. There are all of these sets of social rules and of the world is the way it is. But the truth is the world ‘s in any way. It is simply the way that man has decided to make it. Most of the time nothing really changes except the minds of men.

I think it was Napoleon hill that first wrote those words. He was talking about the fact that at the time of his writing was on the heels of the Great Depression and the world was at war. He marveled at the concept and said it was amazing because the only thing that had changed were men’s opinions.

Nevertheless I need to get my lights up. I’ve decided that this year I want to find a company that will actually pressure wash my house before I put up the lights that way when the cars are all driving through the neighborhood, They marvel at the wonderment of my house. I found a pretty good company online locally. Their website is WWW.APPEARANCEPRESSUREWASHING.COM

They said the could come out and make my place shine. I want to get it done before Thanksgiving because the day after Thanksgiving (black Friday) is gonna be the day that I go after the whole enchilada with lights an inflatable Santa and as many reindeer as my front yard and home owner’s association can handle.

Crazy how our lives become ruled by the holidays. But it’s ok. It is all in the name of fun and the kids enjoy it too.

I figure I probably should enjoy this time of life because before I know it it’ll be over. I’ll be an old man I won’t even be able to climb up on a ladder to put I mistletoe above my doorway let alone hang lights on the edges of a two-story house. Scenes of ole Griswold come to mine. I love that movie. Have you ever seen it? Just for kicks and giggles I’ll go ahead and put a link here to a YouTube clip of Clark trying to hang his lights.